Energy Efficiency Campaign Gains Strides Nationwide

We all hear about energy efficiency. Some people think it’s investing in compact fluorescent light bulbs, others may think its purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances. While some correlate energy efficiency with bumping up the thermostat in the summer or being mindful of turning off that light when leaving the room.

The fact is energy efficiency is all of the above and then some.

Recently, Tri-State joined nearly 700 other Touchstone Energy Cooperatives from across the country to launch a revolutionary national energy efficiency campaign designed to inspire consumers to save energy and money.

The “Together We Save” campaign features television and radio messages, print advertisements, brochures and more than a dozen energy efficiency interactive Web applications linked to a virtual home tour – all designed to encourage electric co-op member-consumers to take immediate energy saving actions.

“Touchstone Energy’s ‘Together We Save’ campaign illustrates numerous ways consumers can reduce their energy bills, in turn, saving themselves money by implementing a variety of changes around their homes and businesses.

Tri-State has long had in place a number of energy efficiency initiatives designed to encourage and reward energy-efficient purchases and practices. In 2008, for example, Tri-State’s Energy Efficiency Credits program, which has been greatly enhanced since it was created in 1985, returned nearly $2 million to residents and business for their smart energy choices.

Tri-State also continues to invest in new technologies that ultimately benefit end-use consumers and ensures the wise use of energy.

The ultimate goal in all of this is to help address challenges in electricity, which include reliability, efficiency, health and safety.

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