Tri-State to hold meetings to gain public input on resource plans

Tri-State is developing its 2010 resource plans to meet the electricity needs of its 44 member electric cooperatives. The planning process involves projecting future needs, assessing the existing assets available to meet those needs and identifying any resource gap so that Tri-State can continue to provide reliable and affordable electricity.

Planning for resources involves developing and assessing alternative scenarios that are based on a range of growth rates, resource costs, capital costs, types of generation resources, energy efficiency programs, levels of emissions, water usage and other considerations. The various alternative resource plans are compared on the basis of cost, environmental characteristics and other factors.

A component of the development of Tri-State’s resource plan is public input. Tri-State will hold a series of public resource planning meetings in 2010. The first round of meetings (April 16 and 23) is intended to inform the public about Tri-State’s resource requirements and guidelines and will discuss the planning process and modeling alternatives.

Public Meeting Details

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