Employee’s article featured in trade pub

Interested in learning about how Tri-State’s maintenance crews are making use of the latest technologies to boost efficiency and productivity while they are out in the field? Then you will want to read this article featured in the latest edition of Transmission & Distribution World that was written by Tri-State’s own Bruce Kreager, transmission maintenance specialist in Westminster. The following is an excerpt from the article:

More than 5,200 miles of transmission lines cut through Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. In these four states, more than 35,000 structures provide electricity to Tri-State’s member co-ops across a 250,000 square-mile service territory.

Tri-State owns and manages these lines with the latest mobile and digital technology to ensure that the delivery of power is both safe and reliable. As part of the G&T’s reliability process, line crews and substation technicians perform regular inspections of the transmission infrastructure.

Recent federal regulations have made it critical that these structure and line inspections are carefully recorded and managed. For that reason, Tri-State linemen now use handheld mobile devices to collect valuable information in the field, and record and retrieve data electronically virtually anywhere in the service territory.

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