Co-op Connections Card provides big savings

Since it was first introduced a couple of years ago, the Touchstone Energy Co-op Connections Card has paid for itself numerous times over. The “loyalty card,” which Touchstone Energy cooperatives make available to their member-consumers at no charge, provides cardholders with significant discounts at local retailers in the co-ops’ individual service territories as well as numerous national deals with hotel chains, rental car companies and other product and service providers.

Today more than 300 co-ops have distributed in excess of 26 million cards to their consumers, with deals and discounts being offered by more than 19,000 local businesses and nearly 100 national shopping links.

One of the most valuable aspects of the program comes from an arrangement with New Benefits, Ltd., which entitles cardholders to valuable pharmacy discounts at more than 48,000 national and regional stores across the country as well as independent pharmacies nationwide. To date, electric co-op consumers throughout the United States have saved more than $20 million in medical prescription costs, thanks to the Co-op Connections Card.

Currently nine of Tri-State’s 42 member Touchstone Energy co-ops utilize the card, which has had several positive effects, including increasing member identity and engagement, promoting local businesses and of course, the pocketbook savings for the consumer – totaling more than $151,000 to-date! More information about the card program can be found at

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