Kit Carson Windpower construction wrapping up

Duke Energy’s Kit Carson Windpower project, from which Tri-State will receive the generation output, is now in the last stages of major construction, according to Scott Fernau, senior transmission project manager.

All 34 turbines are in place and are undergoing testing procedures. Tri-State’s adjacent Landsman Creek Substation, which will put the wind generated-electrons on Tri-State’s Burlington to Big Sandy 230 kV transmission line, in now under construction. It is scheduled for completion in October.

According to Fernau, this two-month window between October and December will mainly serve as a testing period for Duke to conduct final testing of their system using the back-fed power from Tri-State’s substation. The Kit Carson Windpower project is scheduled to begin commercial operation by year-end, producing up to 51 megawatts under optimal conditions.

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