Public input part of Tri-State resource planning

In mid-July, Tri-State completed a series of six public meetings that took place over a 12-week period and involved nearly 100 individuals. The G&T conducted the public participation process to solicit input on its 2010 Resource Plan that it is required to file with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission this fall and also to the Western Area Power Administration in early 2011.

This resource planning process not only meets the association’s regulatory compliance obligations, but it also produces data that will inform Tri-State’s business strategy development. The process has been lauded by the public participants for its transparency and professionalism.

All materials and presentations are available for download on Tri-State’s web site at

The process will continue through the summer as Tri-State staff members work to draft the filing that will project future needs and assess assets to meet the needs of Tri-State’s member systems reliably and affordably.

Another public meeting to review the draft resource plan is anticipated to be held this October once Tri-State’s board of directors has reviewed it.

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