Hickenlooper gets first-hand look at Craig Station

On Monday (Aug.2) Denver Mayor – and Colorado gubernatorial candidate – John Hickenlooper (center in the photo) and some of his campaign staff members stopped by Craig Station for a personal tour, as part of a two-week long statewide “fact finding” tour. Plant operations superintendent Marv Weible (left) showed the guests around the facility, and was joined by CREA executive director Kent Singer and Tri-State’s senior manager of government relations Dave Lock (right).

Hickenlooper spent an hour and a half at Craig Station, his first-ever tour of a coal-based power plant. As a former geologist, he expressed a lot of interest in the inner-workings of the facility and was especially interested in an ongoing project in the region to determine the feasibility of storing carbon dioxide in underground formations on the Western Slope.

Lock reports that Hickenlooper made some very encouraging comments, including that he understands the need for coal to remain a part of the generation mix and, that as a former owner of several restaurants, he understands regulatory red-tape and has fought to diminish unnecessary requirements.

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