Dry Fork Mine Wins National Award

The Dry Fork Mine, near Gillette, Wyo., is the recipient of the 2010 Award for Excellence in Surface Coal Mining, awarded by the Department of Interior Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement.

Tri-State is affiliated with the mine through its investments and membership in the Western Fuels Association.

The award recognizes a road and conveyor route project that will deliver coal to the nearby Dry Fork Station when it becomes operational next year. The conveyor corridor was designed around existing wetlands to minimize environmental impact. A large arch-shaped span maintains the existing stream channel of the Little Powder River and allows space for wildlife to pass underneath the road and coal conveyor.

Dry Fork Mine is owned by Western Fuels-Wyoming, a subsidiary of Western Fuels Association. Tri-State is a founding member of Western Fuels, which contracts much of the coal for Tri-State’s coal generation fleet.

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