‘Dirty Jobs’ visits Carbon Power and Light for an energizing experience

Scaling new heights in Wyoming, Mike Rowe spent time with linemen from Carbon Power and Light on the latest episode of “Dirty Jobs.”  Rowe joined five linemen to remove a distribution line from a damaged wooden pole, erect a new metal pole and then install the line on the new pole.

Rowe learned how to correctly test his safety equipment, scale the pole using spiked boots and a belt and test a line to make sure it’s de-energized.  The experience may not have been as dirty as previous jobs, but it was exhausting and hard work nonetheless.

Talking about unscrewing the foot pegs from the metal pole so the general public can’t climb it afterwards, Rowe quipped, “With respect to the general public; where are they?”

Carbon Power and Light serves Southeastern Wyoming with about three co-op members per mile of line.  You can learn more about them at www.carbonpower.com.

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  • Great program. I’m curious on something. I noticed the coating on the outside of the base of the pole, apparently to prevent corrosion. I also thought I saw a metal plate on the bottom of the pole for grounding. Is that the case? What is the size of the plate? Does it meet the requirement in NESC Rule 094 for a butt plate ground?

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