Tri-State and Xcel Energy address Denver Post editorial on Southern Colorado Transmission Project

Tri-State G&T and Xcel Energy, are jointly pursuing a single transmission project (known as the Southern Colorado Transmission Project) to alleviate reliability challenges and serve as a focal point for renewable energy development in the south central part of the state.

A recent Denver Post editorial failed to mention many key points regarding the proposed project.  First, the Post failed to place proper emphasis on the project’s dual purpose and need. This project isn’t just about renewable energy development; equally important is its need to solve a reliability challenge in south central Colorado, an area rich in agriculture and economic development opportunities.  Second, the Post failed to mention the progress made in the development of renewable energy by both Xcel Energy and Tri-State.  Finally, there is no mention of the utilities’ commitment to continued investment in renewable energy resources at a reasonable cost to both utilities’ rate payers.

Tri-State and Xcel Energy developed an opinion-editorial to respond where the Post fell short in its opinion and can be found here.  CEO of San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, John Villyard, also responded to the Denver Post editorial with a letter to the editor.

Additionally, responses have been developed to explain why alternatives going north out of the San Luis Valley not only fail to meet the purpose and need of the project, but are far more costly and would result in unnecessary impacts to the environment. These responses can be found here.

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