Tri-State G&T ramps up energy-efficiency program in 2011

The Western Area Power Administration publishes a monthly e-newsletter called the Energy Services Bulletin.  The March issue features Tri-State’s Energy Efficiency Credits program through our participating member cooperatives.

Ray Pierotti (right) of Tri-State member system La Plata Electric Association presents a rebate check to the City Market manager for upgrading the refrigeration case lighting to LED technology.

Recognizing the demand for additional energy-efficiency programs across their four-state service territory, Tri-State is making a big investment in its energy-efficiency programs.
In 2011, the generation and transmission cooperative’s 44 member systems will have access to a number of new and existing rebate options to help co-op consumers save money and use energy wisely. Energy Marketing Coordinator Keith Emerson explained, “Expanding our energy efficiency offerings will help Tri-State avoid purchased power costs, give our member systems more options to meet their customers’ needs and introduce new products to consumers.”

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