Tri-State’s 2010 annual report highlights association’s abilities

Although the electric utility industry has evolved significantly over the years – and the number of challenges never seems to dwindle – Tri-State has been consistently successful in delivering on its core mission of providing reliable, cost-effective and responsible power to its member cooperatives for nearly 60 years.

The association’s ability to do so consists of a combination of many components, including affordability, reliability, adaptability, capability, sustainability and accountability.  These characteristics are being showcased in Tri-State’s 2010 annual report, which is being published and distributed coinciding with the G&T’s 59th annual meeting on April 6-7, 2011.

This year’s annual report – featuring the “ability” theme throughout – includes highlights and statistics, messages from Tri-State’s chairman of the board and executive vice president and general manager, along with detailed financial data from the past year.

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