Tri-State gets the word out about vandalism dangers

Tri-State is working with Montrose/Grand Junction area newspapers and TV stations to publicize a $5,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the vandal(s) who recently shot and damaged more than 25 porcelain transmission insulators attached to power lines located in the East Orchard Mesa area southeast of Grand Junction.

“Shooting these insulators is a risky activity and a felony crime.  Once they are damaged, it could result in the inability for the insulators to provide the necessary protection and subject the public and utility workers to dangerous  conditions,” said Keith Carman, senior manager of transmission system operations for Tri-State.  “It’s a very serious situation that has the potential to cause death to unsuspecting people who might come in contact with a pole that has damaged insulators,” he said.

Vandalism of this type can also interrupt the flow of electricity which serves homes, hospitals, schools and businesses.  Tri-State’s transmission equipment is critical to the delivery of reliable electric power that hundreds of thousands of people in Colorado depend on every hour of every day.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call toll-free 855-829-9008.  Any details are useful and those who call may remain anonymous.

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