We believe in affordable electricity

At Tri-State, we believe in the value of electricity, in the importance of keeping it affordable and fighting to protect the financial security of families, businesses and communities across the West by working against unreasonable regulations and misguided policies that threaten the future of affordable electricity.

That’s the essence of the association’s ongoing, comprehensive campaign focused on keeping electricity affordable for its member systems and their electric co-op member-consumers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Nebraska.

This week, that message is being further communicated directly to end-use consumers across the widespread member system service territory when more than a half-million six-page print inserts run in 117 newspapers throughout the four states.  The piece highlights and reinforces some of the main messages from Tri-State’s current awareness/affordability campaign, using some of the images from the print ads that have been running in regional publications throughout the first half of this year.

The newspaper insert also introduces the public to www.keepelectricityaffordable.org – a recently launched Web site that was developed by Tri-State and endorsed by the four local statewide associations – and provides a business reply postcard for interested consumers to sign up for future information.

“This is another piece of a very large puzzle,” said Tri-State executive vice president and general manager Ken Anderson.  “It’s one element in a wide-ranging strategy set forth by our board of directors in the areas of affordability/education, regulation mitigation and fuel/resource planning – all of which ultimately is focused on protecting consumers, businesses, communities and the economy across our entire service territory.”

If you would like a copy of the newspaper insert, please feel free to contact Bonnie Coats in the communications department.

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