LPEA offers the gift of electricity this holiday season

Tri-State member co-op La Plata Electric Association (Durango, Colo.) is offering its member-consumers an opportunity to extend a little holiday cheer to a friend, family member or neighbor who might appreciate the gift of electricity during these economically challenging times.

In addition to a providing a way for the co-op’s consumers to help out a friend or relative with their electric bill, the LPEA gift program also is a way for members to support their favorite non-profit organization with the gift of electricity to allow these organizations to focus more funds on their mission of support to the local community.

“When economic times become more challenging, we do see an increase in late payments and delinquencies, so we know first-hand that many people are having difficulty with even the most basic of necessities,” said Dennis Svanes,  LPEA CFO. “The gift of electricity is definitely one that can be used and appreciated this holiday season.”

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