Chevy Volt debuts at Tri-State

After many months on a General Motors waiting list, Tri-State’s fleet department finally took delivery on Dec. 30, 2011, of the highly touted Chevy Volt, the first American production hybrid vehicle designed to travel extended distances in the electric vehicle mode. “After it is showcased and demonstrated at some of our member annual meetings and other events, the Volt will be deployed in the Westminster-based motor pool fleet,” said Rick Dell, senior manager of supply services.

The Volt is part of Tri-State’s continuing efforts to test and promote new electric technologies in its vehicle fleet.  This new four-passenger auto has been available for some time on the nation’s East and West Coasts, but has only recently become available in the Rocky Mountain region.

At Tri-State, the Volt is joined by four other hybrid vehicles that are currently used in its fleet, as well as a half-dozen plug-in hybrid electric Chrysler pickup trucks that are being demonstrated as part of a three-year research and development partnership program sponsored by Tri-State, Chrysler and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Volt is a full-performance and full-speed electric vehicle with extended range. In its simplest form, the Volt operates two ways – in EV mode (battery power) and extended-range (gasoline powered) mode. With a fully charged battery this vehicle offers an initial electric range of 35 miles totally emissions free. After that, the gas engine works with the electric motors to keep you going for up to 375 miles of extended range until you can plug it in or fill it up again.

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