Tri-State receives award for IRP process

Tri-State executive vice president and general manager Ken Anderson was presented with the Western Area Power Administration’s Administrator’s Award for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the association’s board meeting held Feb. 7 in Westminster.

Ken Anderson (right) accepts the Western Area Power Administration award for the association's IRP process.

The award, presented by Brad Warren, Western’s Rocky Mountain regional manager, was given in recognition of Tri-State’s thorough Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) process, which involved seven public meetings, followed by months of research and extensive analysis by Tri-State’s staff. The end product was a 482-page IRP document, which was filed with Western and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission at the end of 2010.

“Tri-State went the extra mile to involve stakeholders and that was a tremendous effort to undertake,” Warren said.

Tri-State’s IRP is a 20-year assessment of the association’s existing resources and electric sales forecast. The report discusses various alternatives for meeting the future needs of its 44 member systems. An Annual Progress Report, updating the 2010 IRP filing, was also completed and filed in November of 2011.

“We worked hard to get stakeholders and interested parties involved in the development of our Integrated Resource Plan,” Anderson said upon receiving the award. “It wasn’t easy, but our team never got off mission – they stayed focused on what needed to be accomplished and made it happen,” he added.

To produce the IRP, a team of Tri-Staters essentially worked full-time for four months preparing the document. “We modeled 24 different scenarios to analyze their different impacts on our loads and resources,” said Kevin Cox, resource planning and analytics manager. “But most importantly we wanted to produce a document that was thorough and a technical review of expected needs, while preserving all resource options in light of future uncertainties,” he said.

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