Tri-State transmission line upgrade nears completion

Tri-State contractor, Wasatch Electric Power, is expected to complete its reconstruction of the Big Sandy-Lincoln-Midway transmission line in southeast Colorado by April 1.

The 35-year-old, 79-mile long Tri-State Big Sandy-Lincoln to Midway, 230-kilovolt transmission line in eastern and southern Colorado is in the final phase of a major upgrade that is slated for completion by April 1. Several segments of the line (totaling about 23 miles) were reconstructed during the past five years following severe storms that took the line out of service for up to eight weeks.

The remaining 56 miles of line was unimproved from its original 1977 design and was vulnerable to continued reliability risks in a storm prone region of the state.  The line rebuild included installation of improved transmission line structures that should better withstand severe weather events in the area.

This project was implemented to bring the entire transmission line up to current design standards, increase reliability and decrease economic risk of losing entire sections of the line. The upgraded power path also carries a new overhead optical ground wire to facilitate the G&T’s continuing efforts to improve its network telecommunications systems.

Big Sandy Substation is located northeast of Limon, Colo. The line then travels south to Lincoln Substation, which is located near Tri-State’s Limon Generating Station. From there, the line extends southwest for about 50 miles to Midway Substation, located south of Fountain, Colo.

The southeast Colorado power line is critical to serving member co-op Mountain View Electric’s irrigation consumers during the spring and summer growing seasons.

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