Tri-State employees set inspiring examples of public service

For three hard-working Tri-State employees, the end of the work day is the beginning of another challenging job – campaigning for public office. Chuck Grobe, John Kinkaid and Jonathan Hager feel called to serve those in their communities and are drawing upon their own resources – even using vacation time to speak at local events – to help achieve their election goals.

Seasoned public servant and Tri-State employee Chuck Grobe hopes to be elected Moffat County Commissioner in District 2.

Chuck Grobe, substation maintenance supervisor at the Craig transmission field facility, is certainly no stranger to public office. He was Hayden’s (Colo.) town mayor for six years, mayor pro-tem for four years and served for more than 20 years on the Hayden Planning & Zoning Commission among other positions.

Between Colorado-Ute and Tri-State, Grobe has worked with the association for more than 25 years, and moved from Hayden to Craig just last year. When the opportunity to run for commissioner came up, Grobe said a lot of people encouraged him to run and it felt like a natural next step. He is running on the Republican ticket against the Moffat County Commissioner incumbent in District 2.

“It’s kind of a situation where I’ve got to run – it’s in my make-up,” said Grobe. “What rattles around in my head is that quote from Burke: ‘all it takes for evil to succeed is good men doing nothing.’” Grobe’s next step is to win the Republican nomination at the convention later this month. The primary election will be held June 26 and the general election on November 6.

Craig Station control room operator John Kinkaid is running for Moffat County Commissioner in District 1.

John Kinkaid, a control room operator at Craig Station since 1979, is running for Moffat County Commissioner District 1 as an independent. In the past he has served on the Moffat County School District Board of Education and is a current trustee for the Memorial Hospital at Craig.

Kinkaid says that he is sticking to his original game plan of running a “shoe leather campaign” focused on going door-to-door to meet with residents and business owners to spread his pro energy/pro economy message and to listen to issues important to community members.

He’s been busy since announcing his candidacy and says that running for office is more work than he expected. Still, it feels right. “Everything in my life has been a prelude to becoming a county commissioner,” Kinkaid said. “I’m so passionate about this. My roots are here. Moffat County is the place for me to govern and be a part of the solution.”

Tri-State telecommunications project coordinator Jonathan Hager is running for city council in Erie, Colo.

Erie, Colo., resident Jonathan Hager is vying for a seat on the town’s city council. The Tri-State telecommunications project coordinator has lived in Erie since 2000 – along with several other Tri-State employees. He’s a current member of the Erie planning commission and says he’s very passionate about being a member of the community.

As a father of two young boys, Hager says he’s interested in building a mix of residential and business opportunities in Erie and making it a community to which younger generations will return. “I feel like I have a lot to add to the discussion,” Hager said. “This is the first time I’ve done anything like this and it’s a lot of work, but it’s a good hobby to have and I feel like it’s a way I can give back to the community.”

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