Brighton benefits from G&T’s EEP program

With the help of incentives from Tri-State’s long-standing and highly successful Energy Efficiency Products Program (EEP), member co-op United Power (Brighton, Colo.) was able to provide nearly $37,000 in efficiency product rebates for the city of Brighton’s new 20,000-square-foot Eagle View Adult Recreation Center, which featured the installation of 49 ground-source heat pumps that provide year-round heating and cooling for the community-run facility.

“This is by far the largest commercial ground-source heat pump project that we have helped fund through rebates in 2012,” said Keith Emerson, Tri-State’s coordinator of energy management and energy services.

“The EEP program, which provides monetary incentives from Tri-State and its participating members for a wide range of energy efficient appliances and products, continues to be well utilized throughout the four-state membership,” said Jon Beyer, member services manager. “Air and ground-source heat pumps really make a lot of sense for new buildings because they will perform 12 months of the year in virtually any climate,” he added.

Terry Proffer, with Major Geothermal, explains the operation of the ground-source heat pump technology at the New Eagle View Adult Recreation Center in Brighton.

Geothermal heat pumps are all-electric appliances that circulate water through plastic pipe buried underground. Water in the pipes acts as a vehicle to move heat either inside or outside, depending on your preferred indoor temperature. In the summer, a geothermal heat pump cools by extracting heat from inside and carrying it through the system and transferring the heat beneath the earth’s surface. In the winter, the systems heats by reversing itself and collecting heat from beneath the earth’s surface and carrying it inside.

You can read more about this unique project in the upcoming Network magazine arriving in your mailbox later this summer.

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