Mitt Romney makes campaign stop in Craig

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a May 29 campaign visit to Craig, Colo., attracting several hundred supporters.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney made a campaign stop in Craig, Colo., Tuesday morning (May 29), telling several hundred enthusiastic local residents and other supporters at the downtown gathering, “We care about what’s happening in rural America, we care about what’s happening in middle America. We want to bring help to the people who need help today.”

Prior to the rally, Tri-State executive vice president and general manager Ken Anderson and several other local businessmen and women – including individuals representing construction, industry, education and real estate interests – met with Romney to discuss a variety of issues that are impacting Craig and other similar rural communities across the nation.

“It was a great opportunity to raise awareness with Mr. Romney about the energy sector and the increasing number of federal regulations that are making it more and more difficult for us to produce and deliver reliable and affordable power to the rural West,” Anderson said. “He seems to understand the challenges this country is facing in terms of energy and the burden that over-regulation is causing, along with the far-reaching implications they have on communities like Craig and others throughout our member co-op service territory.”

The event attracted a significant number of coal miners and other energy representatives from throughout northwest Colorado. Addressing their concerns, Romney said, “Coal equals jobs. I want coal, gas, oil and nuclear, as well as renewables.”

Romney's "coal equals jobs" message was enthusiastically received at the downtown Craig rally.

Moffat County Commissioner Tom Gray said he appreciates that Romney “cares enough about energy and natural resources” to come to Craig. “Our energy industry is not asking for favors, it’s just asking for a level playing field, which it hasn’t had,” Gray said. “I don’t know exactly what he will do in regards to regulations, but I do believe he will give us a level playing field and that’s really all we ask.”

Romney became the first presidential candidate to visit Craig since Theodore Roosevelt made an appearance in the early 1900s. Craig mayor Terry Carwile said, “It’s an historic day for downtown Craig and for Moffat County. In modern times, no candidate of this prominence has ever been to this community. I’m very proud of our community and I’m sure the governor felt like he received a warm welcome.”

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