Phase 2 of Delta County line project underway

The second construction phase of a three-phase, 19-mile, 115-kV transmission line connecting several new and upgraded substations in Delta County, Colorado is now underway. The project, which is jointly funded by Tri-State, local member co-op Delta-Montrose Electric Association (Montrose, Colo.) and the city of Delta, is aimed at improving reliability and is designed to meet increasing load growth in the area.

The transmission system upgrade, which is called the Delta County Transmission Improvement Project, started with the 13-mile Star Nelson Substation to the Doughspoon Substation segment that was completed last year.  Both of the aforementioned substations are newly constructed facilities.

Construction crews are now focusing on extending the line from Doughspoon Substation to Gunnison Valley Substation. This 3.8-mile segment of the line will include a fairly long transmission span crossing the Gunnison River.

The final phase of the project, the 2.5-mile Gunnison Valley Substation to Garnet Mesa Substation line segment, will likely begin in late 2012 or 2013.

Modifications and improvements also are planned for the existing Garnet Mesa and Gunnison Valley substations. The new line crosses U.S. Bureau of Land Management lands for 9.1 miles, private lands within the city of Delta for 2 miles and private lands in unincorporated Delta County for a total of 8 miles.

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