Only female cooperative journey line technician in Colorado at San Miguel Power Assn.

Darcy Weimer (left) and fellow SMPA journey line technician Preston Joseph use hot sticks to work on an energized power line.

Tri-State member co-op San Miguel Power Association (Nucla, Colo.) currently employs 20 journey line technicians who are responsible for building, maintaining and fixing the co-op’s electric distribution system. As of this spring, that group now includes Darcy L. Weimer – currently the only female journey line technician working for an electric cooperative in the state of Colorado.

“We’re proud to welcome Darcy into the ranks of journeyman line technicians. She’s been with SMPA since 2007, and we’re happy to announce that she successfully completed her apprenticeship this past spring,” said SMPA general manager Kevin Ritter.

Weimer completed the Merchant Job Training and Safety Program – one of the world’s most comprehensive related training programs for power line personnel. The program is administered to line workers in 40 states throughout the U.S. and is SMPA’s chosen program for educating and training their line workers.

SMPA general manager Kevin Ritter (left) presents Weimer with her certificate in the Merchant Job Training and Safety Program and officially congratulates her for achieving journey line technician status.

The four-year process requires participants to complete an eight-step program. It covers all aspects of a line workers job, including basic bucket truck and heavy equipment operation, climbing, equipment installation and working on energized power lines. As an apprentice, Weimer was also required to obtain at least 8,000 hours of on the job training, pass knowledge tests and undergo regular peer reviews.

“On behalf of San Miguel Power I want to wish Darcy congratulations for achieving her journeyman status. She worked hard for this, overcoming whatever obstacles were in her way. She can look forward to a promising and fulfilling career,” Ritter said.

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