A hot and busy summer for Pyramid Station

With Springerville Unit 3 off line for much of the summer and low prices for natural gas, the operations staff at Pyramid Generating Station was called on to run the plant around the clock for more than three months.

“That presented us with a good opportunity to gather some baseline data on how the units perform over long periods of time as well as conduct routine preventive maintenance,” explained Derek Grimes, combustion turbine technician at the site, near Lordsburg, N.M.

An infrared camera is normally used on pumps and motors and other electrical equipment to detect any heat anomalies that might spell potential problems down the road. While making his rounds, Grimes snapped this shot of the Pyramid units in full operation.

The 10-year-old, 140-megawatt peaking plant has undergone major maintenance overhauls and system upgrades that started last year. The fourth and final unit refresh is ongoing this fall.

In addition to Grimes, the southwestern New Mexico natural gas-fired generating station is operated and maintained by Bill Hiss, combustion turbine foreman, along with Will Castle and Henry Parra, who are both combustion turbine technicians.

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