New ads tout benefits of co-op value chain

The latest Tri-State television commercial was shot on site in Craig — including at Craig Station, with the help of the power plant’s operations superintendent, Marv Weible.

The latest round of Tri-State advertising is on the air and in print, continuing the public awareness and education campaign that first started about four years ago.“Our messaging has evolved over the past several years,” explained Tri-State communications manager Jim Van Someren. “Initially we basically had to introduce Tri-State to the public, while explaining and illustrating some of the different initiatives we’ve been pursuing in recent years in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and our investments in new technology research and development.”

“In a sense, the current series of television, radio and print ads go back to our roots, as they feature the value of the cooperative business model, Tri-State’s role in it and the importance of the product we produce and provide through our member co-ops,” Van Someren said.

That cooperative value chain is depicted effectively in the 30-second television commercial, called “Connected” – showing the relationship and connection between an end-use member-consumer, to the local electric co-op, to Tri-State. The TV spot was shot last spring on location in Craig, Colo., including several scenes in and around Craig Station and using Tri-State employees in some cases.

The complementary 60-second radio commercials – which were recorded both in English and in Spanish – and the print ads also highlight the workings of the co-op business model, while communicating the value delivered to both residential and business consumer classes.

A sample of one of the new print ads, which depicts the connection between a Tri-State generation source, the local co-op and the end-use member-consumer.

“The campaign’s message is simple, yet crucial,” Van Someren said. “We’re reinforcing the fact that affordable and reliable electricity plays a vital role in everything we do in nearly every aspect of our lives – and that at Tri-State, we take seriously our job of managing our resources to ensure member-consumers receive optimum value for the energy on which they depend.”

The current advertising flight is scheduled to run intermittently between now and the end of January in markets throughout Tri-State’s four-state member service territory.

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