San Isabel donates $10,000 of equipment to Huerfano County Fire Department

San-Isabel-donates-to-HCFDTri-State member San Isabel Electric recently donated $10,000 to the fire department to purchase two 4-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles for use in rural wildland firefighting.  The equipment is necessary in providing fire protection to approximately 820 square miles of service area in the eastern half of Huerfano County.

According to Huerfano County Fire Protection District Captain Paul Gomez, prior to the donation by San Isabel, firefighters used the Huerfano County Sheriff Department’s ATVs when needed.  This time consuming practice in some instances took away from firefighting efforts as a team member would leave the scene of the fire to pick up the equipment after an initial assessment of the situation.

“Having our own ATVs allows our fire department to respond immediately, saving time and it can prevent small fires from growing quickly into large fires,” said Gomez.  

With funds from unclaimed capital credits, the San Isabel board approved a donation of $5,000 and was then given matching funds from CoBank, through the Sharing Success Matching Grant Program to bring the total donation to $10,000.

“As a resident of Huerfano County and having just experienced the devastation of the East Peak Fire, I’m thankful for the opportunity to receive the matching funds.  It helps stretch San Isabel’s donation dollars a little further in purchasing equipment that is vital for the fire department,” said San Isabel board director Jacque Sikes.

Each ATV can carry two firefighters, tools and equipment.  A trailer for transporting both ATVs was also purchased with the donation funds.

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