J.M. Shafer Station boasts strong representation of veterans

flagTri-State is fortunate to have a strong representation of veterans among its employees. Each Tri-State employee brings a unique set of skills and talents to their role, and this Veterans’ Day, the team at J.M. Shafer Station is being featured for its military service and contributions to the association.

Of the 19 employees at J.M. Shafer, 11 have served in the U.S. armed forces – 10 in the Navy and one in the Army. With experience in the engine rooms of ships, the Navy veterans bring to Tri-State a familiarity with the workings of gas turbines and electronics – skills that transfer smoothly to the operation of the plant.

Of the veterans at J.M. Shafer, one served the 20 years necessary for retirement. Ray Perry, combined cycle foreman at J.M. Shafer, came to Tri-State in April of 2001, following two decades of military service. The teamwork he sees in his colleagues is a testament to the way they operated in the service.

“In the Navy, when you’re out at sea, you just have to do what it takes to get the job done, and that’s what this team does,” said Perry, “When you’re out on a ship and you have a fire, you can’t call the fire department, you have to take care of it yourself.”

That attitude and willingness to work toward a common goal is evident in the way the J.M. Shafer team operates. With a combined 100+ years of military service, they are a talented and hard-working group, and one of the many teams that keeps Tri-State operating smoothly.

  • Fred Dietrich – U.S. Navy
  • Matt Hill – U.S. Navy
  • Rob Holmes – U.S. Navy
  • Scott Leasia – U.S. Navy
  • Bob Locke – U.S. Navy
  • Mike Murray – U.S. Navy
  • Sherwood Nutz – U.S. Navy
  • Ray Perry – U.S. Navy
  • Richard Rhoads – U.S. Navy
  • Ken Schlueter – U.S. Army
  • Bill Trefethen – U.S. Navy

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