Tri-State member systems support environmental efforts in local communities

telluride-daily-planet-250x135[1]Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is an area of focus in many of the communities within Tri-State’s member system service territories. A recent article in the Telluride Daily Planet featured that community’s success in its environmental efforts – with Telluride on track to meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals five years ahead of schedule.

One initiative highlighted as a positive contribution to the community’s emissions reduction was the purchase of solar panels at San Miguel Power Association’s community solar farm in Paradox Valley. As a complement to Tri-State’s existing renewable portfolio, the association supports local renewable projects like this one and incentivizes their development within its member systems’ service territories.

In addition to supporting local renewable projects, Tri-State’s Energy Efficiency Products program allows member systems to offer significant rebates to consumers on projects like the installation of energy efficient lighting and heating and cooling systems. Together, these efforts give Tri-State’s member systems more options for renewable resources coupled with energy conservation tools that offer their member owners more resource choices, while saving them money on their utility bills.

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