Escalante Station welcomes local Cub Scout pack

IMG_0149250Seizing the opportunity to keep the community informed about how electricity is made, Escalante Station recently opened its doors to a group of local Cub Scouts for a tour of the plant. Representatives from Escalante welcomed a group of 24 children and adults and offered them a look at how coal-fired power plants work as well as tips about safety and conservation.

Frank Aguilar, control room operator, gives Cub Scout pack 26 a look at the inner workings of Escalante Station.

The visit was a good combination of two of the seven cooperative principles, education and concern for community, and it left a positive impression on the group. Highlights for the kids included watching the coal being dumped from the train, and getting a peek at the fireball through an inspection port in the boiler.

The group was impressed with how clean the plant was, and got a better understanding of the environmental rules coal-fired plants are subject to. “More than once, we heard ‘wow, we can’t believe how clean it is,’” said Carolee Gonzales, learning facilitator at Escalante Station.

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