First U.S. offshore windfarm under construction

Firsttowers250Last month, American offshore wind developer, Deepwater Wind installed the first foundation for what is expected to be the first offshore wind farm in the United States. The project will be located three miles southeast of Block Island, Rhode Island.

With five turbines totaling 30 megawatts of generation capacity, the Block Island Wind Farm is expected to be operational in 2016 and would be the initial and smallest of three offshore projects that Deepwater Wind is planning along the Atlantic Coast.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Golden, Colo.) estimates that the U.S. has  4,200 gigawatts of developable offshore wind potential, compared to its estimate of 11,000 gigawatts of onshore potential. Wind resources are classified on a scale of zero to seven based on their power density, and more than 66 percent of offshore wind in the U.S. is in wind power class six or seven. In addition, offshore wind turbines are built to take advantage of the more consistent wind speeds present over the ocean, allowing higher utilization of electricity generation capacity when compared with similarly sized onshore wind turbines.

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