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San Luis Valley REC brings new hydro project on line

Humphreys hydropower facility. Photo courtesy of Ruth Carapella, Pen Craft Design Co.

Tri-State member system San Luis Valley REC helped flip the switch on its newest hydropower production facility during a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week, bringing the new Humphreys small hydro plant on line.  The 310-kilowatt facility is located on the Wagon Wheel Ranch, about 50 miles west of Monte Vista, Colo.

Ranch owner and project leader Ruth Brown thanked many in attendance who were involved in the project, including Terryl Jensen, manager of system operations for San Luis Valley REC.  “Building the project took about two years from start to finish.  It’s been really rewarding — it’s the right thing to be doing,” Jensen said.

SLVREC will receive bill credits and renewable energy credit payments for the project’s output under Tri-State Board Policies 115 and 117.  “Our members like the idea of renewables but they are concerned with keeping their rates affordable, so it’s been a win-win for us,” Jensen said.