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2011 events, year-end numbers on Web site

For those who are in need of some handy Tri-State reference documents — such as major highlights of 2011, a business profile with production data on the generation fleet, transmission system and energy sales figures, or an updated system map depicting all of the association’s major sources of generation — they can all be found on Tri-State’s external Web site.

To view these reference documents, go to Tri-State’s Web site, select News Center from the tabs at the top of the home page, click on media kit from the drop-down list and scroll down until you see the aforementioned documents.

Tri-State recently closed the books on another successful and productive year with most of the year-end numbers reflecting solid results in 2011. Total energy sales were up nearly 3 percent with approximately 19.4 million megawatt-hours reported last year compared to just under 18.9 million megawatt-hours sold in 2010. The G&T increased its total assets in 2011 by more than 10 percent, climbing to $4.18 billion last year, compared to $3.79 billion in 2010.

The association’s total generating resources increased more than 5 percent in 2011, due primarily to a marked increased in contracted resources from the Western Area Power Administration (an abundance of hydropower available for sale) and Basin Electric Power Cooperative (additional sales coinciding with the commercial startup of Dry Fork Station).

Free commercial lighting workshop for members

The Western Area Power Administration publishes a monthly e-newsletter called the Energy Services Bulletin.  The April issue features an upcoming free commercial lighting workshop that Tri-State and Western will host on May 25th.

Keeping in mind that not all low-hanging fruit is created equal, Tri-State G&T and Western have teamed up to show utilities how to take a bite out of the “watermelon” with a Commercial Lighting Workshop, May 25.

Utility employees, key account representatives and member services managers can bring their questions about lighting programs and technologies to this one-day workshop at Tri-State’s Westminster, Colo., headquarters. Western customers and Tri-State member systems don’t need to break their training budgets, either – the workshop is being offered free of charge.

Opportunities abound

Tri-State is shifting its focus from residential to commercial lighting efficiency, partly due to the success of residential programs. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are now mainstream technology, readily available to consumers at an affordable price. However, the G&T’s recently released energy-efficiency potential study indicated that there was still plenty of room for improvement on the commercial side. “There is a lot of innovation going on in lighting, and it has the potential to make a big difference in businesses’ operating costs,” said Tri-State Energy Marketing Coordinator Keith Emerson.

Tri-State files electric resource plan with Colorado PUC

Tri-State filed its 20-year Electric Resource Plan with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission on Nov. 30. The filing provides an assessment of Tri-State’s existing resource mix and electric sales forecast, and discusses various alternatives for meeting the future system needs of its 44 member cooperatives. The filing will also be submitted to the Western Area Power Administration.

The resource plan identifies a six-year resource acquisition period in which Tri-State could add new generation resources. In order to meet its member cooperatives’ renewable portfolio mandates and further diversify its generation portfolio, Tri-State will need to acquire additional renewable resources in the next three to four years. These resources are in addition to the new renewable resources from the 51-megawatt Kit Carson Windpower Project near Burlington, Colo., and the 30-megawatt Cimarron Solar photovoltaic project in northeastern New Mexico, as well as renewable energy projects developed locally by Tri-State’s member cooperatives.